Welcome to the Department of Physics, even though young, it has developed a good tradition of excellence over the years since its inception and has been recognized for its excellence in instruction and relevance in community oriented research. With its available facilities and resources, the Department is poised for a leadership position in physics research and education in Nigeria.

The Department works in Promoting the development of national science and scientific knowledge in this zone and the entire country with practical application in establishing small scale industries, acting as a body for safeguarding the qualitative standard of learning and research as well as promoting exchange programmes aimed at establishing and fostering relationships with similar bodies within and outside the country to encourage international scientific collaborations.

The undergraduate program begins with courses designed to help build a strong foundation in physics. All Courses, at higher level of the undergraduate programme, deepen the understanding of the basics in a progressive manner. The programme culminates into an independent supervised final year project which offers a unique opportunity of choosing from many different environmentally and community related experiments. Students are also encouraged to participate in current research areas of the department such as material science, medical physics, biophysics, renewable energy, etc.

The academic staff members of the Department conduct research in many and varied areas of interest, such as condensed matter, astrophysics, plasma physics, atomic and nuclear physics, biophysics, material research, Nano science and renewable energy.