Research Grant Projects





Dr. Ibrahim Hamisu


The Physical Environment  & Resources Management in Katsina State.

Prof. Moharram Ali Khan

Maths & Compt.

Recent Development of Commutativity of Rings

Dr. Muhammad Yusuf


Appraisal of the Entreprenuership Development Proggrammes and Youth Unemployment in Katsina State

Dr. Akilu Sada Abdullahi


Uric Acid level and Prevalence of Gout in Pregnant Women in Katsina State

Dr. Isma'il Abubakar


Acquisition, Preservation and indexing of Arabic & Islamic Studies Manuscripts in Katsina State. Phase I:Funtua Senatorial Zone.

Junaidu AbdulKadir


Factors Influencing Utilisation and non-utilisation of Primary Healthcare Services in Baure Local Government of Katsina State.

Dr. Bashir Abu Sabe

Nigerian Languages

Contribution of Hajiya Barmani  Choge's Songs to the development of African Oral literature

Dr. Muhammad Saleh Salga

Pure & Industrial Chemistry

Synthesis and Adsorption Studies of some Macrocyclic Schiff Bases for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Waste Water: A case study at Lambun Dan-Lawai irrigation area.

Dr. Ibrahim Lawal Kane

Mathematics and Computer Science

An Extended Stochastic Multivariate Time Series Model for Meteorological Variables.

Dr. Jamilu Shehu


 An Assessment of Dynamics of Farmer Pastoralist conflicts in Central and Southern Katsina Emirate

Prof. Kalimullah Saghir


Study on the Potency of Different Katsina State Soil for Cultivation of Biodiesel Plants

Baha'uddeen Salisu Dandashire


Phytochemical Screening, Toxicological Studies and Antimicrobial activity of Stem Bark Extracts of Boswellia dalzielii on some common Pathogenic Micro Organisms.






Dr Yahya Ibrahim Zayyana


Human Perspective on the Katsina Region in Space & Time

Dr. Kabir Idris


Human Adaptive Response to environmental Challenges in the Katsina Region

Abdulkarim Hamza El-Ladan

Renewable Energy Centre

Design & Development of Off Grid Sustainable Electricity Generation System for Guinea Fowl Production & Illumination of Communities in Katsina State.

Dr. Nura Liman Chiromawa


Analysis and Design of Radio Over Fibre System for Higher Speed Optical  & Data Communication Interconnectivity Network

Dr. Samaila Muazu Batagarawa

Pure & Industrial Chemistry

Utilization of Carbon dioxide for the synthesis of fine chemicals using modified silica nano catalyst from agricultural biomass (Millet husk).

Dr. Yahya Aliyu Saidu


Evaluation of Universal Basic Education in Katsina State

Dr. Mani Ahmad


A Study on the Integration of Islamic/Qur'anic Schools into the Basic Education Programme in Katsina State.

Hamza Ahmad

Pure & Industrial Chemistry

Organic Geochemistry of Petropophyrins and Diamondoids in Nigerian Crude Oils

Dr. Abdulhamid Ahmed


In Vivo Antimalarial activity of Methanolic Extract of some Indigenous plant species in Katsina state, Nigeria.

Dr. Abubakar Bello


 Conservation of some endangered Indigenous Medicinal Plants in Katsina State

Dr. Mahmud Abdulsalam


Electromagnetic Field and Radio Frequency Analysis from Power lines and Some Communication Equipments

Dr. Bashir Gide Muhammad


Survey and characterization of coal deposits in the sahelian region as raw materials for alternative energy in NW Nigeria.

Dr. Aliyu Danmusa  Mohammed

Pure & Industrial Chemistry

Effect of Acryloylation on Superabsorbency of Starch grafted with Acrylic Acid.

Dr. Babangida Abdulkarim


Growth Performance of Juveniles Oreochromis Niloticus Reared with Two different diets.

Dr. Ahmed Salisu

Pure & Industrial Chemistry

Microwave assisted modification of Hyphaene thebaica fiber with some Vinyl Monomers and its application for the removal of heavy Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution.

Dr.Lawal Iro Sani


An Appraisal of Information Literacy on Flooding regimes in Katsina State.

Dr. Yusuf Hassan

Pure & Industrial Chemistry

Synthesis of 1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinoline Derivatives and their Evaluation as Anticancer Agents.

Prof. Musa Ahmad Karkaru

Islamic Studies

Hukunce-Hukuncen Tabin-Hankali, Maye da Wauta a Sharia'r Musulunci. (The effects of Mental and Psychological Defects in Islamic Law.)

Dr. Aliyu Mukhtar Katsina

Political Science

Assessing the Impacts of Cattle-Rustling on the Rural Economy of Katsina

Dr. Kabir Ibrahim Matazu


Development of Okro-based Antidiabetic Nuraceutical Formulation & Evaluation of its Antidiabetic Effects on Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats.

Abdulkareem Musa


Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological study of Metal (II) Complexes of Schiff Bases derived from selected Amino Acids and Aldehydes

Dr. Abdulsalam Abubakar


Analysis of Financial Inclusion and Poverty Reduction in some selected Local Governments in Katsina State

Dr. Aminu Usman


Interaction of Dextromethorphan, Codeine and Diphenhydramine hydrochloride with Human Hemoglobin and Serum Albumin: Spectroscopic Approach

Dr. Umar Lawal


Optimization and Oil Extraction from Local Microalgae Species using Photo-bioreactor and Open Pond Growth Methods for Sustainable Biodiesel Production

Dr. Babatunde Taofik Ademola


Evaluating the Performance of selected Vegetable Crops in Fish-Plant Integrated Farming using Aquaponic System

Prof. Ibrahim Sada


Geochemical Characterization of Coal Resources in Niger Republic for the Production of Smokless Fuel

Dr. Aminu Musa

Pure & Industrial Chemistry

Assessment of the Quality of some selected Dams Water in Katsina State, Nigeria, based on Chemical and Radiological Parameters

Dr. Aminu Galadima Batagarawa

Nig. Language

Comparative Analysis between Mother-daughter Languages in a Language Family Tree: A Genealogy of Hausa and Gwandara Languages

Dr. Ma'aruf N. Batagarawa


Evaluation of Counselling Services in Umaru Musa Yar'adua University, Katsina

Dr. Sani Muhammad Gidado


Use of Waste Water in Urban Farming in Katsina:  Effects of Heavy Metals, Fecal Coliforms and Fecal Streptococcus in Plants, Soil and Water

Dr. Bashir Abdulkadir


Prevalence and Molecular Characterization of Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer among Women of Reproductive age in Katsina State

Dr. Sulaiman Sani Kankara


Ethnobotanical Survey and Invitro Cytotoxicity Screening of Medicinal Plants used for Management of Cancer in Katsina State, Nigeria

Dr. Sani Abdu Fari

Library & Information Sci.

Bibliometric Analysis of Collaborative Research in  Some Universities in Nigeria 2007-2016

Dr. Maimuna Suleiman Isah Mai'adua


A survey of the Impact of Braile Reading and Writing for the Congenital and Adventitious Visually Impaired students in Tertiary Institutions in Katsina State

Prof. Kalimullah Saghir


An Assessment of Biodiesel Plants Potentials to Combat Desertification in Semi-Desert Environments of Katsina State

Abdullahi Nasir


Antidiebetic and Antihyperlipidaemic Activities of Leaf and Stem Bark solvent Fractions of Ficus politaon Diabetics and Hyperlipidaemic Rat models

Dr.Nasiruddeen Umar Matazu


Molecular Characterisation of Wild-type Rota Virus-A and its relative abundance among children with Diarrhea in Katsina State

Dr. Nasir Hassan Wagini


Comparison between Conventional and Molecular Diagnostic Test for the detection of Bacterial Pathogen in Burn Patients and Antimicrobial properties of Natural and Synthetic products

Dr. Amina Ibrahim Inkani


Households' Vulnerability and Adaptation to Water Scarcity in Urban Areas, Katsina State, Nigeria

Dr. Lawal Abdulrashid


Assessment of Farmers practices on soil and vegetation changes in parts of Katsina State

Dr. Talatu I. Umar


Effectiveness of Counselling Services in Choice of Degree Programmes among Secondary School Students in Katsina State

Dr. Zulaihat Lawal Bagiwa


Effectiveness of Staff Development Training Programmes on Job Performance of Secondary School Teachers in Katsina State

Suleiman Bello


Assesment of Radionuclides And Heavy Metals in Katsina Central Municipal solid Waste Dumpsites Using Nuclear And Related Techniques

Dr Ibrahim Muáwiya Idris

Mathematics and Computer Science

Effect of Non-immunogenic Tumour Micro-environmental Factors on Tumour Growth  with Immune Response Using Stochastic Modelling Approach

Mukhtar Gambo Lawal


Studies on the Pharmacopoeial Feautures and Microbial Contamination of Non-steral Oral Drugs Preparations Commonly Prescribed in Public Hospitals in Katsina State, Nigeria

Dr. Ibrahim Hamza Kankia


Flavonoids Improve Cancer Cell Growth through Activation of NRF2 in Normal Cells and Prevent Cancer Progression through Inhibition of NRF2 in Breast and Ovarian Cancer Cells

Dr. Kamaluddeen Kabir (UMYU)


Evaluating the Antimicrobial Activity of Biosurfactants as a Novel Compound for Drug Discovery

Dr. Kamaluddeen Kabir (TETFund)


Conversion of Cellulosic Materials to glucose and Bioethanol

Aminu Salisu


Impact of Computer Animation and Blended Models on Retention, Creativity and Performance in Geographic Techniques among Undergraduate Geography Education Students in North-West nigeria.