Katsina Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Volume 4 No 1 March 2015

  1. A new 3–point super class of block backward differentiation formula for solving stiff ordinary differential equations Hamisu Musa
  2. Proximate composition and phytochemical constituents of aqueous leaf extract of andrographis paniculata nees. Nasir, A., Abubakar, M.G., Usman, A., Yaradua, A.I. and Matazu, S.S.
  3. Amplification of rice flowering from upland rice M.D. Abdulrahman, S.M. Tahir1 and Y. Abdulkadir
  4. Analysis of photon emission characteristics of semiconductor laser diode in 850nm wavelength range s. S. Alhassan and Y. Sumaila
  5. Antimicrobial activity of the leaves and stem bark of Vitex doniana Balarabe-Musa Binta, Mofio, B.M., Mohammad, R.H., H.S. Idris and Nwosu Paul
  6. Cockroach Infestation in Male Hostel Main and Mini Campuses University of Abuja, Nigeria Sulaimon, K. A., Idris, H. S. and Balarabe-Musa, B.
  7. Prevalence of Parasite Eggs and Cysts on the Naira Notes in Katsina Metropolis Abdulhamid Ahmed and Asma’u Mujittapha
  8. Information Technology Investment and its Effect on Firm’s Performance Fatima Sani Stores1 and Dauda Usman
  9. Steady-State Natural Convection Flow in an Annulus With Thermal Radiation B.Y. Isah and Basant K. Jha
  10. Fabry-Perot Interferometer Spectral Resolution of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (Vcsels) up uo 35ghz Free Spectral Range Without Feedback. Y. A. Sumaila¹ and I. H. White
  11. Phytochemical Analysis and Antibacterial Activity of Stem and Leave Extracts of Abrus precatorius (Rosary Pea) Hayatudeen M.R. and Mukthar G.L
  12. Phytochemical Constituents and Hypolipidaemic Properties of Aqueous Stem Bark Extract of Ficus glumosa in Albino rats. Matazu, S.S. and A.Y Ibrahim, Nasir A.
  13. Isolation and Identification of Fungi Associated With Fruit Rot of Sweet Pepper (Capsicum Annuum L.) In Sokoto, Nigeria Wada Nuraddeen1, Sani Halliru Bawale1 and Sani Zakariya
  14. Level of Some Heavy Metals and E. Coli in Sachet Drinking Water and it's Effect on Human Health at Urban Katsina, Nigeria. Aziza Mohamed Ali Badr, Murtala Mohammed Ruma
  15. Rpl40 of the Small Ribosomal Subunit Mediate Translation During Cell Stress. Akilu S Abdullahi
  16. Prevalence Of Adenovirus Infection in Children With Diarrhoea in Katsina State, Northwestern Nigeria. Mukhtar G.L.,Aminu, M., Yakubu S.E., Esona, M.D. And Yayatuddeen, M.R.
  17. The Occurrence of Termite Species and Termitaria in Umaru Musa Yar’adua University, Katsina, Nigeria Suleiman M., Abdulkarim, B. and Maiyadi1, N. S.
  18. Overview of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (Vcsels) Y. Sumaila And S. M. Bello
  19. Studies On The Transformation Of Rice Florigen Using Pgemt Vector And The Phylogenetic Analysis of the Gene M.D. Abdulrahman, Y. Abdulkadir, H. Ibrahim1
  20. An Assessment Of Water Economic Potential In Some Fruit Trees, Under Physiological And Anatomical Parameters. Kalimullah, and Mustapha, L. B.
  21. Some Applications of Special 123-Avoiding and/Or 132-Avoiding Permutations to Combinatorics. S. Abba1, A.A. Ibrahim2 And B.A. Madu3
  22. Phytochemical Analysis and Hepatic Effect of Aqueous Stem Bark Extract Of Ficus Glumosa In Albino Rats Matazu, S.S. And Lawal A.
  23. Taxonomy of P2p Networks and Their Associated Qos Parameters. A. Adamu And J. B. Ahmed
  24. Some Applications On Commutativity For Semi Prime Rings. Madugu A. And Usman A
  25. Visualization of Ribosome Subunit Joining in Drosophila Midgut Cells. Akilu Sada Abdullahi
  26. Incidence and Severity of Common Diseases of Carrot and Their Pathogenic Agents in Northern Nigeria. Wagini NH And Abubakar S.

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