UMYU Journal of Microbiology Research Volume I December 2016

  1. In vitro Assessment of Antibacterial Activity of Citrus aurantifolia Extracts Mohammed A H Na’inna S Z  Yusha’u  M  Salisu Bahauddeen Adamu U and Garba S A
  2. Microbiological and Nutritional Analyses of Soybean Cake (Awara) and Camel Milk Cheese (Chukwui) Local Snacks, Vended in Kano Metropolis-Nigeria Idris A and Dabo NT
  3. Evaluation of some Biochemical Parameters in Haemolymph of Bulinus sp in Ajiwa Reservoir Katsina State- Nigeria -Usman L U Adakole J A Gadzama I.MK and Sama’ila A U
  4. Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activity of Mangifera indica Extracts -Mohammed A H Na’inna S Z Yusha’u M Salisu Bahauddeen Adamu U and Garba S A
  5. In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Some Plant Essential oils Against Organisms Associated with Urinary Tract Infection and Roasted Meat - Shamsuddeen U and Sheshe K I
  6. Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen among Out patients Attending a Tertiary Hospital in Kaduna State – Nigeria- Uregwu Agnes Edia-Asuke Zainab Abubakar and Sunday Asuke
  7. Antimicrobial, in-vitro Free radical scavenging, Antioxidant properties of leaf - bark and root Extracts from khaya senegalensis -Abalaka ME Daniyan SY Akpor OB and Inyinbor AA
  8. Acute Toxicity (LD50) of Petroleum Ether Ethanolic and Aqueous Stem Bark Extracts of Adansonia digitata on Albino Wister Rat- Abdulmalik U and Magashi A M
  9. Antibacterial activities and phytochemical screening of Extracts of flower of Azadiracthta indica (neem) against some Selected clinical isolates -Abdullahi A Nafiu SA Ishaq SA Alkali Z D and Lambu ZN
  10. Assessment of Micronutrients Content of Some Locally Consumed Tea samples in Kano-Abdullahi Balarabe Sallau Maryam Abubakar and Tijjani Rufai Buhari
  11. A Retrospective Study of Multidrug Resistant Salmonella typhi in Nigeria- Oyedum UM Kuta FA and Garba SA
  12. Occurrence of Bacteria and Yeast in Urinary Tract of HIV-AIDS Patients Attending Antiretroviral Therapy ART Clinic at University of Jos Teaching Hospital- Nigeria Zakari H Katnap R S Ajang AY Ogbe A Anejo-Okopi JA and Adabara NU
  13. The Prevalence of Trichuris trichiura Infection among Primary School Pupils in Dantube, Dawakin-Kudu Local Government Area- Kano State Nigeria - Rabiu Adamu and Muhammad Haruna
  14. Effect of fermented dough on the organoleptic Quality and shelf-life of bread-Dashen MM Edia-Asuke UA Amapu TY Adesokan DM and Olugbodi F C
  15. Isolation and characterization of MRSA from Locally processed meat hawked in Gombe-Nigeria-Shamsuddeen U and Puma H U
  16. Hypothetical Protein from Aspergillus niger contains Chromate Reductase Motifs-Sallau A B Fiona Henriquez Sani Ibrahim Andrew Jonathan Nok H M Inuwa and Craig W Roberts
  17. A Survey of salmonella species and their antibiotic Susceptibility profile from selected wells in Katsina State-Nigeria Fatima Mukhtar- UmmuSalma Aliyu Saulawa and Mukhtar GL
  18. Gamma Globin Gene “Switch On” by Dietary Source of Short Chain Fatty Acids as a Therapy for the Management of Sickle Cell Anaemia in Patients Attending Federal Medical Centre Gusau- Zamfara State-Matazu I K- Abdullahi A S Matazu NU Muhammad I. and Abubakar Z S
  19. Mycobiota and Aflatoxin Contaminations of Some Spices and Condiments Sold in Katsina Central Market Nigeria-Haruna M- Dangora- DB Khan AU and Saleh A
  20. Evaluation of Synergetic Activity of Honey and Ginger Extracts on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus-Idris U A Tijjani M B and Aliyu M S
  21. Antibacterial Activity of Citrus sinensis (Orange) Peel on Bacterial Isolates from Wound Abalaka M E and Bello A O
  22. Potential Risk of Transmiting Escherichia coli O157-H7 through Some Vegetables Sold in Zaria Metropolis-Sulaiman M A Musa B Paul M Aliyu MS and Tijjani M B
  23. A Survey for Human Papilloma Virus Infection among Women Attending Gynaecology Clinic of Jos University Teaching Hospital Jos- Nigeria-Zakari H Seri BF Anejo-OkopiJA Ajang AY Katnap SR and Adabara UN
  24. Prevalence of Malaria Parasites among Tuberculosis Patients Attending Specialist Hospital, Gombe State- Nigeria-Attahiru Adamu1- Bashir Abdulkadir and Mukhtar GL
  25. Optimization of Cellulase Activity by Aspergilus niger and Penicillium chrysogenum using Some Agricultural Wastes-Bukar A Abbas M I Milala M A Isa M Allamin I A and Ismail H Y

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