This document presents the Research Policy of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University. The document provides guidelines for research activities that will ensure excellence and integrity in the conduct of research.

  1. Academic freedom in the conduct of research:

All academic members of staff have the right and the obligation to conduct research and publicise their findings.They shall be free to select the subject matter of their research, to seek support from any source for their work, and to form their own findings and conclusions.

  1. Research Funding:

Research Fund must be expended within the restrictions of the grant awarded to the Researcher. Before the disbursement of Grant by the University Research Board, the proposed research must meet one of the following principles;

  1. strategic, basic or applied and very productive;
  2. shows evidence of solving developmental issues;
  3. focuses on a new research project with high level of potential that will

lead to academic and research excellence;

  1. encourages national\international linkage;
  2. brings development to the University community:
  3. leads to excellent research publications in reputable national and international journals and/or books.

Progress report must be submitted by the researcher to the University Research Board from time to time.

  1. Research Ethics and Integrity:

Research techniques should not violate established professional ethics pertaining to the health, safety, privacy, and other personal rights of human beings or to the infliction of injury or pain on animals. The Principal Investigators (PI) in research projects have the primary responsibility to ensure the quality, reliability and integrity of research outputs disseminated by them.

  1. Capacity Building: The University shall foster an environment conducive to research. It shall constantly build research capacity among staff and students through training in grantsmanship, research methodology, ethical practice and research management. It shall be the responsibility of postgraduate supervisors to ensure that their graduate students and junior academic staff are properly mentored to conduct high quality research. The University shall promote multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and international collaborative research aimed at knowledge, skill and technology exchanges and transfer. Where, because of limited resources, the University cannot support all research demands, it shall allocate space, facilities and other resources for research programmes based on the scholarly and educational merits of the proposed research,
  1. Research Equipment:

Ownership of, and title to, equipment acquired by means of sponsored research grants shall be vested in the University. Such equipment shall not be sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of without approval of the University. Notwithstanding the foregoing, special circumstance may arise, such as movement of a Principal Investigator to another institution, when equipment may be transferred to another institution.

  1. Safety:

All Principal Investigators in a research activity must ensure safety procedures are put in place to protect the lives and properties of staff and students within the University community. Problems with research equipment must be reported to ensure safety in the learning and working environment. Dumping of hazardous material shall not be allowed within the University vicinity or neighboring communities, and proper disposal measures must be adopted.

  1. Intellectual Property:

 All Staff, students and others that conduct research within UMYU shall acknowledge the contribution by the University to the success of their research activities in all publications and research outputs.

  1. Patents:

The University acknowledges the rights of Inventors to protect their Inventions,

thus, inventors should take reasonable precautions to assure the confidentiality and

physical security of formulas, methods, processes, patterns, computer codes,

devices, compositions of matter, or other tangible research property. Where revenue accrue from a patent, the University shall get 30% of the accrual.

  1. Transferring Existing Grant:

The procedure for transferring an existing grant to another institution shall be as follows; a. The PI (Principal Investigator) shall

  • obtain approval from UMYU to transfer the grant;
  • disclose and confirm the status of any cost sharing or matching commitment by UMYU .
  • conform with the sponsor's conditions for transfer;
  • discuss any Intellectual Property(IP) issues with UMYU;
  • complete all processes and necessary paperwork required by UMYU and the sponsor.
  1. The Research Administration Officer shall take the following actions;
  • ascertain the exact amount of unexpended or uncommitted funds;
  • review any cost sharing or matching commitments, ascertaining which one have been met and which one will be transferred;
  • review agreements for sub-grants, if any, ascertaining which ones have been completed and which have not;
  • review agreements for equipment purchases; equipment purchased on the existing grant may move with the PI;
  • review commitments to personnel, including graduate students.


  1. Publicity and Commercialization:

The research activities and outputs of the University shall be widely publicized. The University shall constantly identify its high potential research outputs and work toward their dissemination and commercialization.

  1. Data on Research Activities: The University Research Administration Officer shall maintain a database of all research activities carried out within the University.
  1. Research Agreements and Contracts:

 The University shall honour all its research agreements and contracts.

  1. Awards and Incentives

Staff members are encouraged to attract external research funds. Appropriate

incentives shall be given to such staff members.

Best Researcher Award shall be given annually to encourage deserving academic

staff. There shall also be a prize for the Best Researcher of the Year  to be determined by the University Research Board.