Saulawa Aliu Ibrahim Director Sports

BRIEF HISTORY OF THE Sports Directorate

Establishment of the Directorate.. November, 2008 under the Vice Chancellor’s Office.

POLICY STATEMENT: Developing youth in the University and environ through sports.


It is our aspiration to achieve the under mentioned goals and objectives:

  • Create awareness of the importance of sports among the students and members of staff and the surrounding communities.
  • To place the University among the best sporting Universities in Nigeria.
  • To enhance the image and prestige of the University through sporting activities.
  • To use Sports as one of the social and economic instruments for the development of youth.
  • Promote recreation and Sports as means of sustaining good health.
  • Create greater opportunity for student/ athletes from the University and Katsina State to participate in major national competitions.
  • To develop the capacity to host both national and international competitions.


To effectively attain the aspired position outlined above, it is necessary to chatter cause of action that will address our constraints and further challenges. Thus, clearly stated policies, well defined objectives, constructive strategies and programs that focused on the below defined relevant broad programs.

  • Administration and management
  • Greater awareness.
  • Manpower acquisition and development
  • Funding of sporting activities through the University and other legitimate means.
  • Enhancing prestige.
  • Rewards and welfare.


The fundamental mission of the Sports Policy of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University as a New University is to provide and sports and recreational programs that will contribute to the educational, religious and cultural needs of the its students as well as to the welfare of its community in general, and promote interest in and support for the University.


The main objectives of the Sports Policy are:

  • To promote an awareness of general fitness, health, recreational and Sporting activities of each member of the University community and the communities around the University in respective of age, gender status and religion.
  • To promote competitiveness in all sports in Intra and Inter-University competitions.
  • To provide means of recreation for the University community, especially to the students and staff.
  • To provide the University with opportunity of accessing its sporting excellence against those of other Universities in Nigeria, West Africa, and the world at large with the view of establishing enviable and respectable positions for Katsina State and the University respectively.
  • To provide the required personnel and facilities for sports and organize sports and recreational activities for all categories of the members of the University and other National Sports Federations.
  • To make deliberate and conscious efforts to promote mass participation in sports and recreational programs in the Campus.
  • To develop skills in different forms of Sports recreation and participation.
  • To promote the image of the University through Sports and Recreational activities.
  • To provide opportunity for talented Students and Staff to excel in their chosen Sports disciplines as a means of self fulfillment and for the promotion of the image of the University and
  • To utilize Sports as a means of eradicating social ills in the University.


The Sports Policy of Umaru Musa Yar’adua University is to focus mainly on the followings;

  • To offer Inter-University competitions, Intra-mural competitions and Sports instructions.
  • To offer diversify sporting programs for both male and female students and staff according to their needs, interest and aspirations.
  • To give high priority to academics standard of inter-University participations.
  • To make a continued effort to affiliate with different states and national sports organizations that can provide challenging, exerting and balance competitions.
  • To give priority to physical, mental and health conditions of all participants.

You can learn more about us by visiting our web site Or by paying a visit to our office NO. B17, SENATE BUILDING , UMARU MUSA YAR’ADUA UNIVERSITY, KATSINA  



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