The Security Unit has a total number of eight (8) University staff; one hundred and nineteen (119) Security Guards, one (1) Operations Officer and two (2) Supervisors provided by the Lynx Security Consultants, for the security of the main campus. The Delaw Security Services on the other hand provided thirty eight (38) Security Guards and three (3) Supervisors, for the security of the University temporary site and external assets.                                             

 Provision of Security to the University Campus and other Satellite


The Security Unit in conjunction with the Lynx Security Consultants and Delaw Security Services,  had continued to provide the necessary Security coverage at the University Main Campus and other Satellite Premises, like the Houses occupied by the University Staff at the Barade Housing Estate, in Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic, the water house, the GRA Government Chalets, the University quarters at Barhim housing estate and the University guest house at Batagarawa low cost housing estate. 

  Intelligence Gathering:

This is another important function performed by the Security Unit. Through its various intelligence net works, both within and outside the University, the Unit has been able to gathering and disseminating to the Vice Chancellor the necessary intelligence information needed for the smooth running of the Institution.  

Enforcement of University Rules and Regulations:

The Unit had continued to enforce the various rules and regulations, enacted for the peace and security of the University.

 Security Coverage during Major University Functions:

The Security Unit in conjunction with the Lynx Security Consultants, Delaw Security Services, the Police and or members of the State Security Service, continued to provide Security coverage during major functions of the University. Such functions include the Orientation and Matriculation exercise, the semester examinations, the SUE election, during Friday prayers to mention a few.    

 Preliminary Investigation of Reported Cases:

The Unit treats various cases ranging from theft to minor misunderstandings reported by staff and students alike which are investigated, settled or reported to the Vice Chancellor with recommendation for determination by the Students Advisory Committee on Discipline. The more serious cases of theft were referred to the Police for their necessary action. 

 Liaison with Government Security Agencies:

This was also one of the functions performed by the Unit. The Unit had liaised with both the Officers of the Nigerian Police, the State Security Service and the Civil Defense Corp, for the benefit of members of the University Community. All the agencies have been giving the Unit their maximum cooperation in all matters when consulted.   

Training of Security Personnel:

The weekly training programme for Security Guards and the periodic briefing for all categories of security personnel is another function performed by the Unit.

Membership of Committees:

The Staff of the Security Unit also participate in meetings of the University mosque Committee, Fixed Assets Register Committee, students’ welfare Committee and the students’ Advisory Committee on Discipline.    

Answering Emergency/ Distress calls:

It is one of the duties of the Security Unit to respond to emergency or distress calls on matters affecting members of the University Community.

Registration of Commercial Automobile Operators:

The Unit registers commercial automobile operators within the campus. So far seventy nine (79) keke napeps have been duly registered.