Guidance and Counseling

The University has guidance and counseling division which is overseen by a Professional guidance and counseling Officer.

The Division serves the following functions:

  • Providing counselling services to students experiencing psycho-sociological problems that could be potentially disruptive to their successful academic, interpersonal and campus adjustment
  • Assisting students in learning new and more effective ways to cope with stress and disappointment, resolve conflicts, deal with specific problems or habits, and manage their lives
  • Organising events aimed at educating the University community about the nature and prevention of mental illness, sexual assault, and substance abuse by raising awareness through student-centered best practices
  • To liaise with the Health Service Unit to use psychiatric interventions, e.g. necessary medications and referrals, for seriously distressed students
  • Organising programmes and activities that assist students to become more effective and resourceful in their personal, social and academic lives
  • Providing necessary advice to staff and family members which will assist in dealing with students who have emotional problems
  • Contributing to institutional, faculty and departmental planning, policy and developments through participation in university committees and work-groups
  • Participating in student induction and welcoming programmes
  • Organising group counselling programmes on common themes
  • Organising psychological consultative/advisory/voluntary events to the University staff, enabling them to maximize their effectiveness in carrying out their guidance and learner support roles
  • Performing any other duty assigned by the Dean or any other superior officer
  • Alumni officer
  • Playing a key role in evolving the strategic direction to guide the University’s policy with regards to alumni relations
  • To facilitate, develop and enhance the initial point of contact for alumni with their alma mater
  • Playing a central role in evolving the alumni relations portfolio via print, electronic and social media
  • Organising multi-faceted programs for alumni that increase good will and positive relationships with the University
  • Managing events and programs including Alumni travel, networking, reunions, professional development, alumni chapters, and other special events
  • Engaging Alumni on tasks that support the University’s goals and long-term strategic plans
  • Planning of programs that keep Alumni connected to each other and the University
  • Assisting academic departments in undertaking events and communications which will promote good Alumni relations.