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Brief History

The Directorate of Consultancy Service was established in November, 2008 under the office of the Vice Chancellor as a services Directorate. It serves as an

avenue for generating additional legitimate income for both the University and its staff. The mandate of the Directorate includes the following:

The Directorate was established with the following mandate:

  • To contribute to the revenue generation capacity of the University and offer such other avenue for legitimate earning for both the University and for its staff as may be sectioned by the University laws and Council.
  • To create such opportunities for teaching staff to undertake projects that have direct relevance and bearing on the immediate community of the University.
  • To provide such technical, scientific, professional and other expertise services to all levels of government, parastatals, private sector and international organizations.
  • To develop comprehensive training and development programmes seminars and workshops for junior and senior executives in both the private and public establishments.
  • To plan and run short professional courses for business personnel, government employees, government parastatals, organizations and other corporate bodies with a view to enhancing productivity.
  • To provide Educational Training at a sub-degree level to those persons who might not be able to undertake regular programmes offered by the University.

The Directorate has been organized workshops, conferences and training programme geared towards Capacity Building and Human Resources Development.

In collaboration with the University Centre for Renewable energy the Directorate has organized a sansitation workshop on renewable energy for Socio-Economic Development stakeholders drown from all the 34 Local Government Area of the State.

A conference of principals of Secondary Schools with 395 participants was organized by the Directorate in November 2009 for Katsina State Ministry of Education and in March 2010, the Directorate conducted a 4 day training on “ICT and Teaching” the state inspectors and Teachers of secondary Schools with 282 participant attending.

Umaru Musa Yar’adua University Consultancy Service Limited (UMYU CONSULT LIMITED)

The Directorate has registered a cooperate body, the UMYU CONSULT Ltd to enable it favourably compete for contractual jobs from both the private and public sectors as well as international organizations. The company has just been incorporated with the Corporative Affairs Commission, Abuja and will soon commence business.

Services Provided

  • The Directorate of Consultancy Services offers manpower development and training to employee in both the private and public sectors. The training is tailored towards capacity building, professional and proficiency improvement for effective service delivery.
  • The Directorate, through its activities enhances the academic staff development as well as improves the Scio-economic status of its immediate and neighbouring communities.
  • The Directorate offers opportunities to members of the community to engage in various commercial activities by allocating business premises within the University’s Students Centre and other places within the campus for commercial activities to provide for the immediate needs of the university community.

It will soon venture in various interpreneual activities such as fabrication/improvision of equipment and materials for scientific, domestic and socio-economic benefit to various communities. The Directorate also offers extension services for sensitization, adoption and use of scientific discoveries and technological inventions by the University’s Research Centres in particular and, the and academic staff in general.

An Electronic Microscope Centre is being opened by the Directorate to provide Electronic Microscope Services to Research Centres within and outside Nigeria. The centre would also save as Manufacture’s representative for the supply and maintenance of Electro Microscope machine

New Proposals

  • Executive Certificate Course on public speaking, speech and report writing
  • Diploma Programme in Development and Security Studies
  • Establishment of Electro-Microscope Centre
  • Training Workshop on Laboratory Procedure for effective science practicals in secondary and primary schools in Katsina State and other States
  • Fabrication/Imprecision of laboratory equipments for school laboratories (secondary and primaries)


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