Brief History of the Department

The decision to start a B.Sc. Business Administration degree Programme was part of the UMYU’s strategic plan to expand the university through the establishment of new programmes in social sciences. A proposal was made to the NUC in 2010/2011 to establish the B.Sc. Business Administration Programme. This was followed by an inspection exercise and later a verification exercise by the NUC team in 2012. Upon the verification of the facilities, staffing, funding, and the curriculum, the NUC approved the commencement of the programme. The authorities of UMYU, through a senate decision took a decision to establish the Department of Business Administration to offer Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Business Administration and related courses. In June 2012, my appointment as a visiting scholar to drive the process leading to the establishment of the Department of Business Administration was effected. Working as a team with people from the Academic Planning Unit, Establishment office, the Academic office and other units of the university, a plan of action was drafted and put into action. This activity gave birth to a new Department of Business Administration.


The guiding philosophy of the BSc Business Administration Programme is the development of managers, captains of industry, decision makers, management scholars and entrepreneurial minds, who will steer the ship of industry, government and non-governmental enterprises, educational establishments, whose skills, knowledge and competences would enable them to manage existing businesses, reinvent them, and facilitate the establishment of new enterprises, thereby creating new jobs and add social and economic value and the sustenance of enterprise culture.


The aims and objectives of the BSc Business Administration Programme are:

  1. To provide students with skills, knowledge, and competences in venture initiation, creation and management, and in problem solving, marketing, leadership, interpersonal relations, financial management, and the management of human resources.
  2. To develop the spirit of enterprise among the new generation of students.
  3. To develop the managerial capability of students through exposure to management theory and practice.
  4. To provide students with business skills to enable them meet the requirements of industry, government and social enterprise.
  5. To nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship and knowledge sharing among students through business studies and education;
  6. To provide students with the required skill to identify, exploit opportunities and develop viable enterprises that are capable of creating jobs and competing in the domestic, regional, and global environment;
  7. To stimulate students’ interest in fostering productive culture in the larger society through teaching, advisory and consultancy services, mentoring and active engagements.
  8. To inculcate in students the spirit of self-reliance, the desire to excel and live a meaningful and productive life.
  9. To instill in students the need for independent thinking, economic freedom and respect for talents.
  10. To prepare graduates for higher studies in the field.
  11. To develop students character, mode of reasoning and world view to conform to societal norms, beliefs, practices and expectations.

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