Welcome Address By the Head of Department

I give all thanks and adulations to Almighty Allah who has made it possible for me to deliver this welcome address. As most of us will recall the establishment of the Department of Biochemistry is a highly commendable progressive development of the Umaru Musa Yar’adua University and one step away from establishment of a Faculty of Medicine.

Biochemistry is a branch of Science which aims at answering question in chemical terms, question such as what is life made of up and how does it work. Biochemistry is a Science that operates at a molecular level and thus brings to light the hidden secrets of life.

It is our purpose in this Department to train students the basic fundamentals of life process at cellular and molecular level, so that they understand and use this knowledge in their everyday lives.

I wish to commend members of staff both academic and non academic for the pro-active nature with which they embraced their various assignments. It is such dedication to duty that has led to the numerous achievements the Department has garnered for itself in such a short span of time.

The Department of Biochemistry must at all time prove and takes its rightful place in the Departments. At this juncture I wish to advice the student from the Department to always pay attention to their studies and also to focus on learning process in the Department is learner-based tuition. Similarly a student will not proceed to the next stage of learning unless he has mastered the pre-requisite so all hands must be on deck.

Thank you.

Umaru Musa Yaradua University, Katsina was established under the Katsina State law No. 7 promulgated in September 2006. The promulgation was informed by the desire to improve access to University education to the increasing number of qualified indigene candidates seeking for admissions into University.

The University started with some science courses such as mathematics, geography, chemistry, physics and biology. The importance of Biochemistry as a bed rock of all life sciences cannot be overemphasized, thus the Department of Biochemistry was well conceived, and established in 2012 to cater for the rising need for Biochemists in the core catchment areas of the University. The Department of Biochemistry in the Faculty Natural and Applied Science is responsible for running B.Sc. Honours Degree Programme in Biochemistry, teaching basic Biochemistry course to students, and any other Faculty that may require the courses.



The vision of the Department is to excel in biochemical education, research and community service.


The Department’s mission is to promote development and service to humanity through research, community service and production of competent manpower with sound theoretical and practical knowledge of Biochemistry and professional skills.


The department goals and objective are as following;

  • To foster high quality research in the field of Biochemistry,
  • To be the leader in biochemical teaching and research in the country,
  • To increase the awareness of the role of Biochemistry in nutrition, health, industry, agriculture, environment, biotechnology and other fields of human endeavor as well as to provide competent manpower to man in these areas.
  • To promote environmental conservation through biochemical education and research,
  • To partake in the exploration and exploitation of our indigenous natural resources.


The philosophy guiding the Department is to produce a high quality education and learning experience to graduate to contribute to the public understanding of the life sciences and molecular medicine. The provision of better living through Biochemistry based on discipline, morality, hard work, innovativeness and scholarship.

To produce high caliber graduates with the basic knowledge of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in order to have the capability (both theoretical and practical) to work in public and private enterprises, in hospitals, food and beverage industries, Universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical industries, Biotechnological industries, regulatory agencies (such as NAFDAC and SON), petroleum industries, Agro Allied industries and in Medicine. This is with a view to providing middle cadre manpower for the scientific and social development of Nigeria, Africa in particular and the world in general. Our graduates are to be a rare breed of academic competence, morality, hard work and innovativeness.              

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