The Center was established in May, 2009 as a University Research Unit to undertake functional research and development as well as provide training towards harnessing our Renewable Energy resources for sustainable socio-economic development. The Center has made considerable impact in this drive and has so far win the confidence of many national and international organizations for collaboration in training and Renewable Energy project delivery.

The Center is currently implementing a €3.5 million European Union project under the Energizing Access to Sustainable Energy project, which has attained tremendous success to date. In addition, the Centre has partnered with the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and Winrock International under the Nigerian Energy Support Program (NESP) of the EU and USAID for the NESP Renewable energy competency training packages. This has enabled the Centre to become the leading training institution in the NESP packages and is working towards collaborating with the IFC-World Bank to provide consultancy in both training and project evaluation.